A few weeks ago Caitlin and Chenoah let me into their home to document and photograph a regular Sunday morning with their family. Although these kind of sessions are a little non-traditional, I believe that they are a beautiful keepsake that can be passed down to generations. Imagine when your children are grown, they now have  kids of their own and you are all sitting together talking of past times. You pull out a large album, it is 20 years old but the linen cover is still in beautiful condition. As you flip through the pages of the album, and little faces lean over your shoulder to see, you are taken back through time. And you begin to tell your grandchildren the story of that day, with the photographs before them they can see what you saw. They see Dad as a toddler playing with his toys, they see you laughing and playing, cooking, sitting on the front porch together, they see your life, as it really was. This is invaluable, and it's the reason why I have a passion for Documentary Photography.

This family is always a joy to photograph, they exude love and playfulness! I hung out with them for a couple of hours that morning and we had a relaxed session. They got to be themselves and I did minimal instructing for much of the session. Towards the end of our time together I incorporated some Lifestyle shots by guiding them into a few simple poses while still encouraging them to just have fun. I love how this session went and I hope you enjoy it too! 

siblings sitting on changing table together in southern oregon home

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