I had the pleasure of joining Lauren, Jeff and Soleil in their Southern Oregon home, to welcome baby Elijah to the family. These intimate In-Home sessions are a favorite of mine, I find that families are relaxed and comfortable which means many real moments, laughter and even some tears. I will photograph everything, I don't mind tantrums or crying, in fact I love capturing these moments just as much as the happy ones. After all, this is real life, and it's all worth remembering.

The session flowed freely when I arrived, from playing to nursing, snuggling and more nursing, to making smoothies and playing outside. It was a fun and relaxed morning, capturing this sweet family's love for each other. 




Mom sitting with toddler and nursing newborn
Family with Toddler kissing newborn brother
Toddler and Newborn feet
Toddler reading with Daddy
Toddler playing with blocks and Dad
Family's feet among fallen blocks
Newborn holding Mom's finger
Dad holding newborn baby
Newborn baby nursing with open eyes looking at mom
Newborn baby mad about getting clothes changed
Newborn looking towards light
Newborn wrapped in muslin blanket with feet poking out
Newborn wrapped in blanket on bed
Baby boy in white onesie
Newborn making sweet face on bed
Family smiling on bed
Toddler being tickled on bed
Toddler laughing on daddy's knees looking at mom
Dad snuggling newborn baby
Toddler reaching for blender
Dad and newborn looking at each other
Family on couch together in beautiful light 
Blue eyed toddler looking curious
Dad playing guitar with toddler
Mother looking at newborn son
Toddler playing outside