The joy and excitement of bringing home a brand new baby is something I will always remember fondly. Everything was new and scary, but the love that we experienced was insurmountable. This feeling that we get as new parents is pure joy, and I have been lucky enough to relive that over and over again when I enter the home of a family who has just welcomed home their new baby.

When I arrived at the Beatty Family’s home I was greeted by a spunky toddler excited to show me around. She warmed up to my camera quickly, which is apparent in the photos below :) I am obsessed with the way that Jessica decorated the nursery, it is a magical place where I can imagine many memories will be made by two sisters.

This session was so much fun to photograph, I hope you enjoy!

family bed newborn lifestyle photographer
toddler newborn family bed lifestyle photographer
toddler girl holding newborn’s hand
toddler girl looking mirror
mother rocking newborn nursery lifestyle photography
toddler girl southern Oregon lifestyle photographer
family newborn medford in home lifestyle photography
mother daughter being silly lifestyle photography
dad and newborn share gaze lifestyle photography medford
newborn nursery medford Oregon lifestyle photographer
toddler girl smiling in front of crib
mother looking over newborn girl in medford Oregon home
Newborn baby girl in crib
newborn peeking through crib rails
southern Oregon family on couch in living room
mother cradling newborn in medford Oregon home lifestyle photography
baby making face over mother’s shoulder
toddler kissing mom newborn mad
dad toddler tickles
toddler typing southern Oregon documentary photographer
toddler chewing on dad’s leg medford Oregon photographer
family reading on couch southern Oregon photographer
newborn sleeping on mom’s shoulder
baby looking at mom
newborn laying on floor medford Oregon lifestyle photographer
baby holding toes smiling
close up baby
mom leaning over baby on floor medford Oregon family photographer

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