Frequently Asked Questions

How would you describe your photographic style?

My style has been described as Lifestyle and Documentary with a Fine Art quality. What does this mean though, you may be thinking. To me Lifestyle is straying from stiff and posed portraits to capture deep and meaningful images. I will guide you into a "pose" that looks and feels natural to who you are, but instead of asking you to smile and look at me I will prompt you to connect with each other. I encourage movement and being playful with each other. My goal is to capture who you are, not just what you look like. 

Documentary photography is unscripted, it is capturing a real life moment such as a family cooking breakfast or a couple going to coffee together. I tend to merge the two together, so I will waver between documenting and guiding depending on the moment that is happening before me and what I feel will best tell the story. 

I am an artist at heart and photography is just another medium for me to create art that speaks to my soul. My goal is to get to know what will speak to your soul and turn your photographs into art that will evoke emotion every time you look at them. My editing programs are my paintbrushes and I use them to bring out the mood in a photograph.

I take inspiration from film photography, paintings, movies and music. These things have helped to shape who I am as an artist and a photographer.

Will you take any traditional family portraits where everyone is smiling and looking at the camera?

Yes, I will always get at least one traditional portrait. After I get this shot we will focus on the connections between your family.

What should I wear to my session?

Wardrobe is an important piece to creating beautiful images. I happen to love bare feet and long flowing dresses, but what is most important is that you are comfortable in your clothing. I love to help clients choose clothing and will work with you to put outfits together that photograph well and fit your style and personality. I also have a growing collection of dresses and children’s clothing that are available exclusively to my clients!

How long do I have to download my gallery before it is archived?

Your gallery will be active for 30 days, once the 30 days has passed your gallery is archived to make room for newer client galleries. I recommend downloading your entire gallery right away so that you don't forget, and back that up in two additional places. If for some reason you lose your photos and would like me to unarchive your gallery there is a $50 fee that covers my time and fees through my gallery provider. However I do not guarantee to keep your photos beyond that 30 days, so it is very important that you make back up copies. I never want my clients to experience the loss of precious photos.

Will you do traditional posing and portraits for my wedding photos?

Yes. On wedding days I do a combination of Documentary and Traditional Portraiture. I will pose all of the family formal groupings, bridal party, and couples photos. I like to give fun prompts and instructions when we are photographing the bridal party and couples photos, my goal is to have fun with these!

Can I request to see an entire wedding day gallery?

Absolutely! Many photographers only choose our very favorite images to post on social media and websites. I do believe that it is important to see a full gallery so that you can see how I photograph an entire day. Please keep in mind that every wedding is different, lighting situations, indoors vs. outdoors, decor all vary so your wedding that takes place on a summer evening may look very different from another wedding that took place indoors in the winter.

Do you include a second shooter for my wedding day?

You may choose to add a second photographer to your wedding photography package. A second photographer means multiple angles which can be especially important during the ceremony. We are able to photograph both your groom and your reactions at the same time. Although I am fully confident in photographing your day on my own, I do make this available for those that need it.

Can I order my wedding album from you?

Yes, in fact I recommend it! If you choose to print your album through me I will take care of the design so that you don't have to stress over it. All products that I offer are printed by a professional lab and are of the highest quality. Your album will be made to last and be passed down from generation to generation. If you are interested in having an album, canvas, or art prints made contact me for a price quote.